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Kyle D. McWilliams
Security Professional


My Story

My Story
My name is Kyle McWilliams, 30 years old from Dallas, TX; I am currently an estimator (On Medical
Leave) for Netronix Integration, Inc. (Now under new management of Pavion) working out of the Dallas
Texas branch office. I am currently battling with an aggressive form of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and
under the care of Houston, TX based MD Anderson Medical Center. My primary Oncologist is Doctor
Elias Jabbour, MD.
Everyone has heard the cliché “when it rains it pours” and I truly understood the meaning of this
beginning July 2021 when my wife of 4 years had asked for a divorce. Unfortunately, this was not a
surprise to me and saw it coming for multiple months. People change, and the fault was not just hers or
However, what was a surprise was on the afternoon of August 12 th , 2021, I started to experience a
shortness of breath, fatigue, and overall complete unwellness at the office. My co-workers with me at
the time described me as “white as a ghost” and recommended I go to the doctor immediately. At this
time, I was sure it was COVID since I had been feeling unwell for multiple weeks with constant
headaches, fatigue, and hospital visits with no answers to what was truly wrong with me. I quickly
headed to a nearby Advanced ER Clinic to figure out what was truly happening. Little did I know that
going to that clinic would change my life for the next two years to come.
Who knew a simple blood test would reveal something that would change your life in so many ways? I
was informed by the staff at the clinic that my White Blood Cells were in the 380,000 range… a normal
White Blood count is four to ten thousand. With this discovery I was immediately taken to an ER at
Baylor Scott and White in Grapevine where the blood tests were run again to find out the count was in
the 589,000 range! Not knowing what any of this information meant, I simply asked the ER doctor
working on my case what this meant, and I was given the blunt reply of “we are looking at an aggressive
form of leukemia…. I will be right back”.
Cancer. The disease that does not discriminate or play fair, and I suddenly had it. Immediately I was
running in my head the many different questions that any person would ask when hearing this news…
“am I going to die” and “why me”. As a grown man at the age of 30 years old I have never cried as hard
as I did that evening in the arms of my mother. I thought my life over and I was more scared than I have
even been in my entire life.
My original diagnosis was determined as CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) which is considered the least
aggressive form of leukemia out there. I was able to get on medication for a while that actually curved
the disease for the better and allowed me to see improvement in my overall health. However, this
disease had other plans for me, and two days after the beginning of 2023, I was re-hospitalized again for
severe pain in my legs and shoulder. It turned out that my CML had manifested into a more aggressive
form of cancer called Acute Myeloid Leukemia. This form of leukemia is more deadly than CML and
there is only about a 50% chance of survival for most patients 5 years from diagnosis.

Presently, I have been to 3 major cancer hospitals fighting this cancer and have encountered everything
from powerful chemotherapy, Intensive Care Unit visits, and many other complications that would wear
down the toughest individuals.
My overall goal now is getting the cancer under control enough to qualify for a Stem cell transplant that
would in turn make the cancer “curable” and allow me another chance at life, but nothing is guaranteed
Many people speak of second chances in life and never quite grasped the true importance of being able
to have “another shot”, but that is how I view this journey I have been going through for the past year
and a half… gearing up for a second shot at life.
While fighting this sickness my relationship with the “Man upstairs” has grown into something that I
never knew was possible, and I intend on making most of this opportunity to live again, if that is his will.
I truly am understanding the meaning of “giving it all to God” and it has truly freed my mind from the
anxiety and pain that goes with living with this disease.
I guess there truly is a silver lining that can be found even in getting diagnosed with cancer. Not only has
my relationship with God grown, but I have also truly understood the importance of family, friends, and
community. I hear all the time about my “prayer warriors” and I would of not be able to make it this far
without the support and prayers from my family, friends and all those “warriors” that keep showing
nothing, but compassion and the best true values one can find in a person.
I try to thank God everyday for the many blessings that I currently have. I will continue to fight this
disease and move toward the Stem Cell Transplant that will allow me that “second chance on life” that I
am working so hard to achieve.
I appreciate all the consideration and support that I continue to receive from everyone that I met, and I
hope God continues to bless you all as he has to me in so many ways.

Thank you all,
Kyle Dean McWilliams

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