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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey,  many people were left to deal with the devastation alone. While watching the events of Hurricane Harvey unfold on television, I began to ask myself what can I do to help?

Luckily, even though the amount of need was great many people were taken care of.  The true spirit of Texas was displayed for the entire country to see. However, I began to wonder…..why does it take a catastrophe to bring out the best in people?



It was during this time, many requests went out on Social Media asking for financial support. Many of the requests that showed up on my Facebook and LinkedIn feeds were from people I know from the security industry.

I wanted to start ASPIN as a service to the security industry. ASPIN exists to meet needs in the security industry, one event at a time. Every year security professionals endure hardship alone. After life altering events, ASPIN will work to make sure everyone connected to the security industry gets back on their feet as quickly as possible.


Troy Douglas, Founder

Flooded Street.JPG

Currently, ASPIN serves the major cities of Texas with expectations to expand into other regions within the United States. 

ASPIN is comprised of professionals from many areas within the Security industry.


The ASPIN Ambassador community is comprised of individuals from the following organizations.

 Product manufacturing representatives
 Integration company employees
 Security consultants
 End user security professionals
 Product distribution representatives

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