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Bryan W. Arce
Security Professional


My Story

My name is Bryan Wade Arce, 40 years old from San Antonio, TX. Kimberly Ann is my wife of
20 years, son Caden Rian 19, daughter Brityn Reese 17 and son Rylen Avery 15. I have an
undiagnosed condition that is affecting my central nervous system. I am currently under the care
of a neuromuscular specialist in Houston. Also, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland has
agreed to take on my case. 

Life moves fast until your body says stop. You can walk a straight line until your brain says
otherwise. I’ve always been on the go, not one to stay stationary for long until I’m finding the
next project, task or activity to do. Even when this all started in April 2022, most of my normal
everyday functions worked, I could walk, run, see a golf ball, catch the baseball and hit the

Health is oftentimes overlooked when we have youth on our side. Symptoms pop up and, as
always, we think that it’ll pass and that our bodies will deal with it like it always has in the past.
When my speech became slurred, I came up with different ways to work around it thinking it
would pass. “My body will take care of me.” But this time, it didn’t. Each new symptom made it
more and more apparent to me, and perhaps more vividly to people around me, that my body
could no longer heal. I suddenly found myself needing a cane or a hand to stop me from falling.
It wasn’t until then, when a hand is what I needed to keep me standing, that I understood the
strength of those around me who care and love me.

The thoughts of possible diseases started filling my head because honestly my symptoms
match them all and most of them are not curable. I went from being ready to live and adapt to
just wanting answers, answers that I’m still not getting as we ended 2022. Scared of the
unknown, scared of what I would be leaving behind, scared of not being prepared. As my faith
grew I knew I was on His path. I don’t know what the reason is nor do I need to understand it, I
just know I’m not alone.

We made it to 2023 and I’ve been hearing nothing but kind words and prayers from family and
friends. It has truly touched my heart and makes my uncomfortable moments feel ok. I’ve
always wanted to be the one in the background, comfortable in my own way but this condition
has let me see that many friends consider me a brother that they care about.

I still have a long road to walk but I know I’m not alone. My daily activities may struggle, I can’t
take for granted the simple things in life. My family has supported and helped me get through
each day. I’ve realized I can’t do everything on my own and I am extremely grateful to everyone
in my life.

Thank you all.
Bryan Wade Arce

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